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Neither Here Nor There

Transitions suck. When Liz and I attended the pastors sabbath retreat in 2010, one of the key topics was transitions. Learning how transitions work, what to expect in he midst of them, and hopefully, how to live well in that in-between state.

More Questions than Answers

I’ve had this thought bouncing around in my head the past couple days…though I might as well write it down. What does it say about a person who attempts to make themselves look good, by...

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? (5 years post 13)

Liz and I felt that if we were going to Ireland, two groups of people needed to be in agreement. I wrote yesterday about what that process looked like with our daughters. Today I wanted to share about a second group that was involved in this process with us.

Our Amazing Daughters (5 Years Post 12)

Through the rest of February Liz and I talked and prayed and began to sense more and more that Ireland was in our future….and sooner rather than later. At the same time we knew that there were two group of people we needed to have in agreement with whatever decision we reached. 

Ireland…Again (5 Years Post 11)

Okay…quick recap…It was February 2011. Ireland was not happening. It seemed like everything was against us buying a house, and now we were dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. I contacted a few people and asked them to pray that we would have a clear understanding of what God was trying to say in the midst of this. Because something was clearly going on.

Dublin…a Rip-Off?

There was a big story in Dublin yesterday. A tourism expert from New Zealand was speaking on the other side of the country and said he would never recommend Dublin for a trip because “Dublin is a rip-off!”

And Baby Make 6 (5 Years Post 10)

July 2017 marks the 5 year anniversary of our move to Dublin. Over the next few months I’m writing a few posts to share about that journey. You can keep up with all posts in this series here....

Labels, Boxes, and Dehumanizing the Other

I am becoming more and more frustrated with labels. Early on in our time in Ireland, I received an email from a person who had heard we were church planting in Clontarf. The email consisted...

House Hunting (5 Years Post 9)

House Hunting in Trumansburg Round 1 By January 2011, Ireland was off the table, so we began looking for a house in Trumansburg. We had decided about a year earlier that we were going to sell our home and move to Trumansburg.

Settling Back into Life in Ithaca (5 Years Post 8)

Leaving Ireland was hard, but before heading back to the States, we had a week's vacation left. Because of cheaper than expected flights, we had enough in the budget to stay a few days in London and a few days in Paris. We both figured, we'd never have the whole family together in Europe again. And although we were wrong on that point, it was a good way to wrap up the trip. Because once we got back to Ithaca, life was about to kick into high gear.

Maybe This is Why We Don’t Hike More (5 years post 7)

In a recent post I mentioned a road trip we took around Ireland. Our first destination was Croagh Patrick. The story is that St. Patrick completed forty days of fasting and penance here during a Lenten period. 12 Noon :: I was not familiar at all with Croagh Patrick, so I didn’t understand why Liz was as stressed as she was about our relatively late departure from Ballybay. It was only a 3.5 hour drive.