Well, Who Are You?

“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Banzi “Well, who are you?” – The Who Often during the first 3 years here in Dublin, I would tell people that there were two key thing I learned in moving to Dublin. The first had to do with grace (I’m still working on […]

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Good Grief

We’re uncomfortable with grief.

It’s why we say dumb things at funerals, “They’re in a better place.” “I guess God wanted them.”

It’s why we tell a kid who just lost a pet “Don’t worry, we’ll get you a new one.” And while it is great that another puppy coming, that fact does not diminish the loss…the pain felt because of the one who is now gone.

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Switching Gears

I am generally pretty good at focusing on the things I (or we) don’t do well, or should be doing better. Today has been a day where we’ve been able to focus on some things that we have consistently done well. And because of some of those things, we have so many incredible people who […]

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Today I had to head to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). This is the fourth time in less than 5 years. The first year I was so nervous. In Ireland, you can’t take care of your residency before you move there. You come in like normal, receive permission to stay in the state for […]

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Since we are sharing a series of posts about our move to Ireland, I thought I’d repost some other posts from around that time as it’ll give some insight to what was going on. I may make small edits or update information, but generally they’ll be shared as originally published #FlashbackFriday

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More Questions than Answers

I’ve had this thought bouncing around in my head the past couple days…though I might as well write it down. What does it say about a person who attempts to make themselves look good, by tearing others down? What does it say about a person who does that only behind the other’s back? (And is […]

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