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  • immigrant

    Today I had to head to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). This is the fourth time in less than 5 years. The first year I was so nervous. In Ireland, you can’t take care of your residency before you move there. You come in like normal, receive permission to stay in the state for […]

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  • More Transition Stuff…the Good

    Last week I wrote about some of the things that made our move to Dublin difficult. But there was so much during the process that was amazing. I want to share a few of those stories. I will likely miss a few…and hopefully someone will remind me. If that happens we’ll add them in another post. […]

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  • FlashbackFriday::Comfort

    Since we are sharing a series of posts about our move to Ireland, I thought I'd repost some other posts from around that time as it'll give some insight to what was going on. I may make small edits or update information, but generally they'll be shared as originally published #FlashbackFriday

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  • Neither Here Nor There

    Transitions suck. When Liz and I attended the pastors sabbath retreat in 2010, one of the key topics was transitions. Learning how transitions work, what to expect in he midst of them, and hopefully, how to live well in that in-between state.

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  • More Questions than Answers

    I’ve had this thought bouncing around in my head the past couple days…though I might as well write it down. What does it say about a person who attempts to make themselves look good, by tearing others down? What does it say about a person who does that only behind the other’s back? (And is […]

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  • Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? (5 years post 13)

    Liz and I felt that if we were going to Ireland, two groups of people needed to be in agreement. I wrote yesterday about what that process looked like with our daughters. Today I wanted to share about a second group that was involved in this process with us.

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