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  • Prepping for Sabbath

    One of the biggest adjustments we had to make to begin practising Sabbath was preparing. That has always felt harder than it should have been. Probably because I hate running errands. I'll drive by a shop, think of something we know we will need at home soon, and decide I don't feel like stopping. So later, when the thing I need is finally gone, I'll make the extra trip. It would have been easier to get it before I needed it, but that isn't how I've done things.

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  • Stumbling Over Sabbath

    Last week Elizabeth and I began reading the book The Sabbath Experiment, by Rob Muthiah (that is an affiliate link and you can pick up the Kindle Edition for $3.99 currently). We’ve been practicing Sabbath for a few years now, but began to feel like we needed to revisit the purpose of Sabbath, and just as important, how to practice it in a way that is honouring to God, and life-giving to us.

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  • A Couple Thoughts on Short Term Missions

    My first short-term missions (STM) trip took place in 1989. Our team flew to Brussels (my first time ever on a plane) and then somehow (I have no recollection) got to Namur, Belgium. There are a lot of things that still stand out from our time there (including the old Belgian guy who spoke no […]

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  • A Dream Like Mine

    I spent the weekend in Brussels for the third weekend of Forge Training, got back, fixed my bike so I could cycle down to Leeson Park for prayer and worship night with Icon. So I had a bunch of things swirling around in my brain as I went to sleep.  I don’t think any of […]

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  • Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

    Around mid-May I was asked to share on an upcoming Sunday at the church Liz and I are part of, Icon Community. I was excited to do it, but I stressed about preparing it far more than I should have. And I spent more time on it than I should have.

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  • Hero’s Journey : Jerry and Christy Shannon

    Over the past couple of days I’ve written about the hero’s journey. I wrote over here a bit of a summary of that journey , and then here about the cost of making judgements about people who are in the midst of chapter 2.

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  • 5 Costly Mistakes of Judging Those Who Suffer

    Who sinned, this man or his parents? You may remember the story. Jesus and his disciples are walking along and see a man who was blind. In fact he had been blind from birth. So they ask Jesus “Whose fault is it that this person is blind?” “Did his parents do something that caused him to be born without sight, or did he, somehow, do something that brought this about?”

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  • Peeking at the Last Page

    The Hero’s Journey seems to keep coming up for me lately. Although I’ve been aware of the idea of put forth by Joseph Campbell, it has come up at least 3 times in the past few weeks. I was listening* to the book Rising Strong, by Brené Brown and she brought it up. Liz and […]

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  • Guess What My Job Is In A Parallel Universe

    I’m coming to grips with the fact that I am a writer. (I desperately want to clarify that statement in so many ways, but as hard as it is for me, I’m going to let it sit there as it is.)

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  • The Day My Parents Tried To Give Me Away

    About 45 years ago I had lost about half my hearing...and in getting my hearing fixed, I almost lost my family.

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  • thinking about sundays

    I have had a weird relationship with Sunday church services for a while. Up until the last couple of years in Ithaca, an ever increasing amount of energy, effort and people-hours went into putting on the Sunday morning worship gathering. And we got pretty good at it. However, as our time there came to an […]

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  • Getting My Irish Drivers License…well almost

    This morning I cycled up to the NDLS Centre (National Driver License Service) in Clare Hall. I cycled, because although I passed my road test last week, there were couple more steps for me to take before I receive my license. Those steps are now done, and probably next week sometime my Irish Driver’s License will […]

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